Fishing has never looked so cool

Fisherman’s Friend

FlyBoardFishing TV

Iconic lozenge maker Fisherman’s Friend demonstrates the power of its product in a stunning new commercial. Set in the icy waters of the Arctic, the spot features a bare-chested fisherman skilfully cruising high above icebergs on a FlyBoard.

He then dives dolphin-like in and out of the freezing sea in pursuit of his prey. The intriguing heavy-blowing sounds which accompany his moves are subsequently revealed to belong to a second fisherman aboard a small fishing boat. This grizzled

old sea dog is, in fact, blowing down a pipe like a set of bellows in order to power his mate. His strong, clear lungs soon lead to success when a trophy fish is caught and landed. The production was a true Pan European venture involving the UK, German and Swiss client.

Filming took place off the island of Majorca in sweltering 40 degree heat and featured world-ranked hydroflight athlete, Lindsay McQueen who doubled as a fisherman. The icebergs were added in Stockholm by the Important Looking Pirates.

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