Love Storyin Public Places

Kein & Aber

One Day

Our goal was to promote the new book One Day, by British author David Nicholls. In Switzerland, the German versionwas published by Kein & Aber, a small and passionate publishing house. The book describes the lifelong relationship between two protagonists and the difficulties they face in admitting their love for each other. One day all over Zurich, a simple poster with a handwritten message appeared, signed by a mysterious “Em.” Two days later, a reply to that message was discovered on the same

poster site. This time signed by “Dex,” only to be replied to a few days later by “Em.” The unfolding display of the cynical, yet humorous love messages during the days to come led to growing curiosity among those who saw them about the identity of the two lovers. After the identities of “Em & Dex” were revealed with a set of posters featuring the book title, the novel climbed up the bestseller list rapidly and made One Day “number one” in Switzerland.