The future isn’t advertising


Campaign - UK

In 80 years’ time, we will all be dead. No offence to the 20-yearold reader about to dig into his zero-cholesterol tofu salad, heading for the daily yoga class. But chances are that you, too, will be resting in ultimate peace by then. It’s a fact and no fortune-teller will get a cent telling you. So why even bother reading on? Shouldn’t we all run out of our offices and forget about everything? We could but, then again, 80 years is a long time running and there is simply too much to discover before we have to leave this place. So you are still

reading and wondering what it all has to do with advertising. The truth is: nothing. And that is the situation our industry seems to be stuck with. Life, the single most important thing, and advertising has nothing to do with it. Why? Because life will always be bigger than the billboards at Piccadilly Circus. Life simply does not fit into the formats and boxes adland has created for it. According to the frenetic discussions about new media within our industry, the way out of the problem is apparently to create new boxes. We let the. . .