Switzerland: The world’s most direct democracy

SP Zurich

Elections 2010

The SP party wanted to motivate the young people of Zurich to do something they don’t like to do: Vote. Ideally for one of their candidates. Walker’s solution was to give the Swiss youth the tools to create their own platform in

order to address issues which they felt were important. The heart of the campaign was found in an area where most young people in Zurich like to hangout – Facebook. An online forum quickly gained momentum, providing a place

where the public could voice their opinions and make suggestions for a better Zurich. Over 7,000 ideas were proposed. SP’s fresh approach contrasted sharply with those of the other political parties, who used off-the-peg election

posters and tired old rhetoric. SP stood out as the party that could engage with the Swiss youth. As a result all four SP candidates were elected. The campaign also was awarded by Facebook, and won gold at the Clio awards.