Thomy takes an exotic trip around the world


Tastes Around The World

THOMY has taken a new direction in both its product and its advertising. And to lead this fresh approach they turned Walker, who have developed three commercials for THOMY’s new range of mustards, chilled dips and salad dressings. Each film focuses on

the authentic ingredients found within the condiments, transporting the viewer to different parts of the globe in order to tell three stories that evoke colourful sights, sounds and exotic flavours. In Princess we begin in ancient Persia where a young girl sits

majestically on a tented throne, flanked by guards and two hungry lions. Union takes us to a Tuscan farmhouse in 18th century Italy. Here we witness a fight between two mismatched lovers. Girlfriend transports us to India in the 1800’s at the height of the British Raj.

The campaign was shot on location by Outside’s Jim Gilchrist. See the films Thomy UNION, Thomy PRINCESS, Thomy GIRLFRIEND.